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Dec 5, 2012 12:00pm PST
a good time to leave, is because i became over the years, i spent most of my career in cia trying to forecast what people would do, and how things would turn out and when it comes to saying what is going to happen, we have every reason to be very modest about our abilities to do that. because the truth is, we can monitor weapons, we can monitor movements of military forces, but the decision to use them or how to use them is something that often is a mystery to us. and sometimes because the protagonist himself doesn't know walt he is going to do. so i have -- i became very cautious and, again, it may have been one of the reasons i decided to leave, i became very cautious about the use of military force, because the consequences are so unpredictable. maybe it will be a small reaction, but maybe not. and then you are back in another big war. we saw two swift, successful military missions for regime change in iraq and afghanistan. we all know what came after that. we took out qaddafi, the rebels in liberty i can't took out qaddafi with the help of western air support. things aren't lo
Dec 13, 2012 12:00am PST
mean, really what is interesting about this is the cia spent millions, tens, hundred of millions on what we now call the cultural cold war, the plan was really to persuade left of center intellectuals, especially in europe that the west, particularly the united states, was the powerhouse of culture and ideas, that it wasn't any of the soviet experiment had died, and the best people to do that for you were ex-communists and democratic socialists what the cia used to call the ncl, the noncomist left. and so amazingly enough, when the house of unamerican activities got going, some cia operatives found themselves right in the line of fire because they had so many connections to the democratic socialist left across europe, the mccarthy items were very worried by these guys .. and some were professors who had left leaning tendencies themselves but they were democrats,. >> rose: wha and what do you mae of the french who came to the real situation that is soviet union was not what they believed it to be, you know, french intellectuals? >> they rather took their time over this realization. i
Dec 5, 2012 11:00pm EST
new secretary of defense, a new chief of staff, a new head of the cia? >> so peat rauss is a deputy chief of staff senior advisers, he's playing a central role on all of this. based on our reporting it look like what the president is going to do is first announce his security team and that could come as early as next week so he would be announcing at the same time secretary of state, defense secretary, cia among the names. it's not super news but state senator john kerry, un ambassador susan rice. i asked the president whether or not he felt the republican criticisms and attacks on susan rice has sort of boxed him in a corner, make it so that he looks weak if he doesn't go ahead and nominate her. he tried to brush that aside but said, sang her praises and also said he hasn't made an announcement yet. so there's a bit of a trying to shuffle positions around here because one decision, if you name susan rice secretary of state then that opens the door, officials are saying, you could see kerry as defense secretary or he could bring in republican former senator chuck hagel is also a nam
Dec 7, 2012 12:00am PST
heard that. >> rose: it's a driven cia person. >> i haven't seen the show but my understanding of it is that's it's based on an israeli. so this is a true story. >> rose: yes. >> i suppose it's an interesting coincidence. >> rose: tell me about casting beyond jessica. you were looking for? >> great actress. great actress. >> rose: did you want people that were not necessarily well-known as actors. >> i did. >> rose: why? >> well, first of all i was looking for actor that had a significant body of work, that's really substantive actors but perhaps were not yet household names. i think especially when you're dealing as mark said it's a true story when you're dealing with characters that are meant to be true, meant to be true to life, you want to have an original relationship with them. you don't want to kind of have to sort of be watching them and sort of scrubbing past performances or past characters away so you can have sort of a clean true line to them. and i think, and it's an opportunity to work with these, even you know just extraordinary talents like jason clark, mark strong, ed
Search Results 0 to 17 of about 18 (some duplicates have been removed)